Best Job Oriented Courses After Graduation In Science

Presently with the competition prevailing in the job market, many teens are very well aware of the fact that just a graduation alone cannot help them in gaining a competitive edge. There are many job oriented courses available for graduate students in Science. The main aim of job oriented courses is to train the students particularly for the job and to introduce the market-oriented skills in them. The UGC (University Grants Commissions) has introduced these course to reduce the unemployment in our country and along withthe main idea that all the students are placed with good salary packages. Students can join these courses after completion of their graduation. There are many job oriented courses available including teacher training, bakery technology, astronomy, hospital management, library science, nursing, nutrition, etc.

Listed below are some of the most lucrative diploma job oriented courses which students can choose after their graduation for their better career.

Diploma in Health and Nutrition

Best Job Oriented Courses After Graduation In Science

A Diploma in Health and Nutrition is the health professional’s course involved in assisting patients with their healthy eating habits, food management and focusing on the promotion of the health through the healthy food diet. In this course, students are trained about health, different types of nutrition and diseases. This course completely deals with the different micronutrients and macronutrients including carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, etc. The syllabus includes both theory and practical based on the nutritional level, deficiency disease, diet chart preparation, causes of malnutrition, etc.

Diploma in education technology

A Diploma in education technology is the course meant for aspirants with the aim of becoming teachers. The duration of this course is of one year and here students are trained with the multimedia technology in their teaching practices.

PG Diploma in Chemoinformatics

The PG Diploma in Chemoinformatics is a popular diploma course of a one-year program. This course is mainly for creating applicable talents for upcoming fields like agrochemicals, biotechnology, drug discovery, bioinformatics, pharmaceutics, etc. This course covers various aspects of the basics of biology, chemistry, Chemo-informatics, Data Sequencing, etc.

Chemo-informatics is the application of both informational techniques and computer applied to a range of problems in the field of chemistry.

PG Diploma in Nature Conservation

This is a master’s degree programme with a background in ecology, botany, biology, conservation biology, zoology, landscape or environmental sciences. This course provides an understanding of both practical and theory-based resource with multi-skills in conservation and ecology of natural resources, urban ecology, management, and other environmental management.

Other Upcoming Subjects in MSc Programs

Apart from the above-mentioned courses, there are many other new subjects which have emerged with better job prospects. These subjects include Bioinformatics, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Geo-informatics, Horticulture, Microbiology, Nautical Science, Biological and other Life Sciences courses.

The best thing about the job oriented courses is that these courses help the students in finding the jobs easily and quickly. There are both short-term and long-term job oriented courses. These courses are recognized by industries as it will help in obtaining a job.

As there is more demand for doctors and engineers, and few students cannot get through their competitive exams or cannot afford money for their fees, etc. These students can fulfill their dreams by joining this course. The government has also opened a new job oriented courses for disabled students, where they are educated and trained in different fields. This helps them to lead their life happily and independently. Few colleges are even offering the job oriented courses both in regular and in distance learning.

These were few profitable diploma job oriented courses for science graduates. Students can also learn numerous science topics easily and effectively from various engaging video lessons by subscribing to Byju’s YouTube channel.


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