CBSE 10th Exam Preparation Tips 2018 & CBSE 10th Sample Papers 2018

CBSE 10th exam preparation tips 2018 & sample papers   We all are aware about the fact that our 10th board exams play an important role in our academic term.  They not only review our knowledge but also help us know where we stand in studies.  These board exams also act as a stepping stone for our professional future.

check previous years question papers of CBSE 10th   and  get ready for exam, Before we talk about the preparation of our CBSE 10th board exam tips , we should prior know the importance of pre-board exams

CBSE 10th Exam Preparation Tips 2018

CBSE 10th exam Preparation Tips

  1. Pre Board exams help students to judge their preparation level and can act as a wakeup call
  2. Pre boards help students gear up for the final board exams and take necessary steps to start working at weak areas.
  3. Students still have the option to utilise the remaining time to polish up, revise, and build their confidence.
  4. Plan your schedule: every student is aware about their weak areas, and your agenda should be focusing on extra time to tackle those weak areas and transform them to strong ones. Schedule and prepare a time table to prioritise and take care of important and weaker sections first.
  5. Make notes: revising the entire syllabus from starch may seem impossible. Therefore preparing short notes and listing out the main points can help you out to recall all the answers easily. This will help you in drawing out answers in your memory and will prove quite effective than mugging up the lessons.

Download CBSE 10th Sample Paper 2018

download CBSE 10th board exam papers

Solve previous years question papers of CBSE 10th exams Solving previous years question papers will boost your confidence. Students will be able to understand the questions easily and prepare accordingly. You will also be clear about the weightage of marks allotted for those areas that you find difficult. Solving previous year’s papers will also help you recognize the pattern and help you know how much time should be spent of each section.

Download CBSE 10th Board Exam Papers 2018

Understand the concepts while studying: Don’t mug up lessons, try to understand the concepts. It is essential to understand the concepts related to reasoning, mechanism, application, etc., to perform better in the exam

With these and other few methods, you can make sure that you prepare correctly and confidently for your CBSE 10th board exams and  know that how to score good marks in CBSE 12th exam



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