CBSE 12th Sample Papers 2018 with Solutions & Preparation Tips

CBSE 12th class exam is one of the most popular education boards in India. CBSE conducted 12th Board exams preparation tips 2018 is important in order to clear examinations like Joint Entrance Exam Mains (JEE), and All India Pre-Medical Test (NEET (AIPMT)) you can check cbse 12th class sample papers with solutions

Please Note: JEE Mains and AIPMT syllabus is same as CBSE 12th and 11th syllabus.

Not only CBSE 12th Board marks are important for clearing entrance exams these also play an important role in helping you get coveted engineering or medical seat according to the marks you score in the board exam. So before you start thinking about entrance examination you should be clear about how you are going to score good in CBSE 12th Board exams:

CBSE 12th Board Exam Preparation Tips 2018

CBSE 12th Board exam question papers

  1. Study regularly and make sure to complete your syllabus on time to win the half of the game.
  2. Always start with easy chapters and slowly procced to topics that you find difficult
  3. Try and Solve 5 to 10 questions of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry daily without failure.
  4. Three months before you should shift to revision of chapters you already know, solve past years question papers and get you doubts cleared.(To download the sample papers click here).
  5. CBSE board exam questions are directly picked up from NCERT books.
  6. Students who have opted for Biology must practice their diagrams thoroughly.

 CBSE 12th Class Sample Papers 2018 with Solutions

For all subjects, except General Studies, Work Experience, and Physical & Health Education, CBSE conducts one paper of duration of 3 hours. Each paper carries a total of 100 marks.

CBSE 12th Board exam question papers

CBSE 12th Board Paper Pattern 2018

  • Go through the entire question papers in the first 12 minutes
  • Do not stick to any specific order: Student should always set priority from which section would they like to start solving the paper.

CBSE 12th Board exam question papers 2018

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Paper of 2017 board exam

CBSE Class 12 economics paper of 2017 board exam

CBSE Class 12 english paper of 2017 board exam

CBSE Class 12 hindi paper of 2017 board exam

CBSE Class 12 math paper of 2017 board exam

CBSE Class 12 physics paper of 2017 board exam

  • Divide your time judiciously: Divide time judiciously in-order to solve all the sections without any fail. And always keep time for revision in the end (this can avoid small silly mistakes that students create while rushing and solving the paper).
  • Don’t get stuck: Do not get stuck to a single question if you are not able to solve it. Students should always start with question they can easily solve.

A word of Advice:

Scoring more that 90% is not a joke, students need to work hard and follow certain schedule and tips to achieve good marks. Am I sure if you are able to stick on to these tips while preparing for CBSE 12th Board exams, you will be able to score much more than you expect

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