CBSE – The Biggest School Education System of India

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams are conducted on a national level for Class X and Class XII on an annually basis. Students from all around the states of India take these examinations. And all schools affiliated to CBSE participate in these national level national examinations. Since these are nationally held, it brings in uniformity in the standards and criteria for further admissions.

Biggest School Education System of India

CBSE Grading System 2018

Syllabus of the CBSE annual examination is conducted and annually taught by private and governmental schools affiliated by CBSE. All the schools that are CBSE affiliated are bound to teach NCERT syllabus as per the guidelines specified by the board. Details of the syllabus can easily be reached on the official website of CBSE.

Sample papers

Practicing previous years sample papers of CBSE is an important tip for scoring well in the examination. Sample papers and practice papers that help the students to gauge the exam pattern along with an idea about the important topics and format. Mostly the exam patterns are expected to remain the same the year after. Any change in the pattern is subsequently specified by the board.

CBSE Results

CBSE results have always been an event that creates great buzz throughout the nation. Results have always remained a matter of great anxiety and hype. But with the change in the grading system, things have become a little better. Prior, the result season used get a lot of unwanted happenings which led to the change in the entire CBSE marking schema.


CBSE Grading SystemBiggest School Education System of India

CBSE grading system is a new marking system that has been introduced in a fresh leash. Results now are declared in the format of grades where the students get a rough idea of how much they have relatively scored. The cut throat competition for CBSE exams has been killed by putting end to the percentage system.

To know more about CBSE you can log on to their official website of cbse


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