Job Opportunities for International Students in Australia

Money matters. So how much do you think is living standards in Australia? And how much an international student can earn in Australia? These are very thought provoking question to which there are very subtle answers.

Quite a lot depends on where in Australia and in which kind of circumstances. But to give a single guide the following are intended to help you plan and get you thinking about the money.

Part Time Job Salary in Australia

opportunities for international students in Australia

Primarily, Australia is expensive country to live in. The standard of living accounting accommodation, food, transport,and entertainment, is all expensive. But, the great thing is that when you work you earn good money in Australia.The minimum per hour salary is now $16.22 in Australia for student, which means that even part time job salary in Australia for international student which accounts in the most casual and unskilled job, will earn quite good money. Some students earn considerably more.

If any international student is able to successfully find a sponsor in Australia and work full time, then he/she can earn minimum of about $4,300/per month and in many cases a lot more than that.

Australia Student Living Expenses

opportunities for international students in Australia

An international student is likely to start with anunskilled job. Most of students prefer the hospitality sector and the earnings are usually enough to pay your basic living expenses, even if you are only working part time.

Living and food can be expensive but there are cheap options for food also. But generally a student has to pay around 150 to 200 AUD on a weekly basis. Most students need a minimum amount of $1,500 per month to live. The bigger cities tend to be more expensive, but they also offer better job opportunities for international students in Australia.

Part time jobs options in Australia for International Students

While estimating the amount of money that will be needed when you travel and study in Australia after 12th, depends quite a lot on how quickly you will find a job. An average student whose English is pretty welcoming will only require a month to find a job. However, if your level of English is low then it might take a bit longer. But with enough determination four to six weeks should be enough to find a job.

opportunities for international students in Australia

Before you enter the city we would advise you to take as much money with you as you can. You should consider taking enough amount of money to cover you for the first 3 months, assuming you will not work. You probably will, but to be on a safer side you should assume no work. So, a minimum of about $6,000 is advisable.

Note to remember: Everyone spends more and earn more in Australia. The sooner you start working and earning in Australia money the better it is for the international students.


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