Jobs for M.B.A & M.Tech – Best Career M.B.A or M.Tech

Engineering students in their final year are always in a great dilemma whether to go for M.Tech or M.B.A for their post graduation. Both the courses are different in their own way and provide good career opportunities by choosing M.B.A or M.Tech is based on various factors like what is the end result a student wants. provides deep technical knowledge and control over the engineering subject and enhances the professional qualification, whereas M.B.A provides you multiple career opportunities making you ideal for various sectors.

Comparison between M.B.A and M.Tech

M.Tech is the most likely options a student should choose after B.Tech but generally students go for MBA due to its widened scope and knowledge which is a much needed demand in the current working scenario.  M.Tech or MBA enhances your technical expertise whereas MBA enhances your managerial expertise. Talking about the competition; the competition in M.Tech is much lesser than M.B.A. According to the current trend, there is paucity in the number of M.Techs in our country whereas every year millions of MBA graduates are released in the Indian market by the various institutes and colleges.

An MBA degree provides you a better pay scale from the very beginning in comparison to any other post graduate degree whereas M.Tech provides you an option of doing PHD which not only gives you handsome salary packages but also a respectful position in the society.

Job options after M.B.A and M.Tech

While MBA widens the horizons of attractive career opportunities in  Banking, Management, Finance, Marketing and Consultancy. M.Tech provides jobs in fields like Research and Development, Academics, Engineering and Technical fields. M.B.A makes you jack of all trades whereas M.Tech makes you the master of Engineering.

In a nutshell if you have a technical aptitude and want to contribute something to your engineering subject go for M.Tech, but if you want to work for an MNC doing a sheer managerial job go for MBA. In the end follow your instincts and your dream and do what you think is best for you.

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