Difference Between Private vs Public Schools Education in India

In today’s modern and innovative world, education is an imperative part of raising children and also to prepare them for a successful living. Everyone wants to give the best to their child, but one of the biggest issue is how do you choose between private schools versus public schools?

Choosing a school for your child is quite daunting and even stress-inducing. With so many choices available, ranging from small school or large school, to the school of arts or a completely technology-focused school, to a public school or private – it’s simply easy to divulge to the most convenient choice.

Difference Between Private vs Public Schools Education in India

difference between private and public schools in india

Generally, this debate seems like a tale which is now as old as time. People have argued for years about the benefits and drawbacks of both private and public schools. However, both have their own advantages and one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Below are the highlights of the difference of the two major educational paths: private schools and public schools.

Private School Advantages In  India

  • Increased involvement of parents in children’s education, both at home and within school community.
  • Class sizes are generally small, which has been proven to improve academic achievement.
  • Good reputation with the provision of various educational options, including advanced placements, international exchange programs, faith based schools, single gender schools and special needs schools.
  • Exceptional extracurricular activities and special programs such as sports, clubs, music and more, by well-educated and trained teachers with advanced degrees.
  • Freedom in curriculum design and general governance.

Public School Advantages –

public school or a private school in india

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  • Cost-effective and offers specialized courses or programs such as math and science, special needs and the arts as well. Their facilities are also impressive that may not be found at some other schools.
  • Don’t require potential students to undergo entrance interviews or tests to attend the school, thereby exposing the students to a wider range of people.
  • Students are typically grouped according to geographical area, leading to out-of-school socializing.
  • Overseen by provincial governments and local school boards and also the top public schools have a wide range of resources and cutting-edge equipment.
  • Easy selection helps in the reduction of stress and makes the process easy and smooth.
  • Moreover, public sector teachers are better paid and have superior pension programs.

Private vs Public Schools Education

In the long run, whether you choose a public school or a private school, it is highly-critical to consider the one that will provide your child a solid and strong foundation of education for futuristic academic, career as well as personal success.

Decide yourself and pursue the right educational system for your child!


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