Tips And Tricks For Students To Crack 12 CBSE Exams

With CBSE Class 12 boards approaching, students undergo different forms of emotional roller coaster ride. Some might be anxious, some scared and some may be enthusiastic for the upcoming exams as their preparation must be excellent. Now the exams are few days away.

Board Exam Preparation Tips

You must be restless & nervous. It is time to recall whatever you have studied so far and train yourself to perform your level best in the exams. Keep CALM as we give you 12 simplest of all tricks to excel in your 12 Board Exams.

Board exam tips

CONFIDENCE –  First of all, regenerate that confidence in you. Come on, they are just your exams like any other exams. Don’t over-stress yourself with any negative thoughts and start revising all those topics which you have learnt so far. If there are few days left for your exam, stop learning further new topics because that will lead to stress & anxiety only. BE CONFIDENT & have faith in yourself!

FOCUS – Secondly,don’t lose focus. No matter what how much your friend has studied or how much he/she is gonna prepare for now. You just have to focus on how much you have learnt and topics which you have covered carry how much weightage. Just CONCENTRATE on learning & revising covered topics.

PLANNED SCHEDULE- Schedule a plan for yourself. Wake up early in the morning. Start with targeting main topics and then coming down to only topics which you need to look over once so that you might get an overview for writing simple & short answers. This way you wouldn’t fear of leaving any question unattended in your exam.

So relax, work hard and try these simple tricks and outshine your board exams with flying colors.  ALL THE BEST!!

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