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Students during their board exams are always anxious about writing the papers. The pressure gets go overwhelming that the students tend to forget what they have learnt.

Though this kind of nervousness is common but the situation can be made calmer by following few tips and tricks while writing their examination.

Tips for CBSE Board Exam 2018

Tips for writing perfect CBSE board Exam

  1. Always set the priority first

Mark the questions that you are confident about. It is not compulsory to write down the answers in the same order as in the question paper. This will help you gain time and confidence, and you can spare much more time to think about the question you  are doubtful about.

  1. Write upto mark

Always carefully read the questions and understand the sense of it. Try and write on-spot answers and avoid writing paragraphs explaining that are not asked in the question.

  1. Choose questions wisely

In certain papers their choices among the questions. Student has to select any one of those choices. But the tricky thing with these choices is that students often decide on instinct which question.

  1. Attempt all questions

There is no negative marking. So don’t be afraid to answer all the questions. Try to understand the genre of the question and what it demands. Think about it carefully. Jot down the points that you are going to include, and then start writing.

  1. Do Not decorate the sheet

It is seen many times that students have the habit decorating their answer sheets. They try to attempt their questions in a colorful manner, by using different types of colored pens. Doing this kind of decoration will not gain you any marks, instead you are going to lose a lot of time. Write neatly and clearly, so that the examiner understands what you are attempting. And that’s all what is needed the most for good marks.

  1. Spacing

Make sure to keep good spacing between the words. Do not try to squeeze 10 words in one line. Examiner will find it difficult to read. And this may cause decline in your grades. Try to write the answers in points. Avoid bunching all sentences together.

  1. Check your answer sheet

After you have completed attempting your exam sheet, make sure to thoroughly revise your paper. Look out for silly mistakes, grammar, unattempted , or wrong answers. Also make sure to write your roll number before handing your answer sheet.

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All these tips when followed will surely help you to attempt your question paper in a good way and score maximum marks that you can gain. Do not worry about the result. Eat well, Stay stress-free, and take a good sleep. All the very best.


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