Top 10 Most Popular College Majors in United States

Choosing the most popular college majors in US is important in order to get the right knowledge and skills to achieve a successful career and secure future. Deciding on a major can be done during student’s sophomore year to ensure graduating on time. Right skilled career in United states  is essential for any college student to identify which courses to opt for and be focused on for his or her goal and ambition.

Top 10 Popular College Majors in United States:

most popular college majors in the United States

1. Business Administration and Management:

Students opting for business majors learns how to effectively run and manage business. This coursework helps to develop crucial skills like leadership, management, and decision making. A major is business has a variety of different career options like; marketing, sales, advertisement, management, financial analysis, or entrepreneurship.

Average Starting salary -$41,200; Mid-Career- $70,700

Best Career Courses in United States

2. General Psychology:

This major involves the study of human mind as well as behaviour. Coursework includes classes in behaviour, learning, personality, development, abnormal psychology, and more. And those who desire to become a licensed counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist will have to pursue advance degree.

Average Starting salary -$34,700; Mid-Career-$60,200

3.  Nursing:

Major in Nursing prepares students for a practical and in demand career. This area of study involves classes in science, anatomy, and public health. This who opt for major in nursing can gradually go for Masters in it

Average Starting salary -$53,300; Mid-Career-$70,100

4. General Biology:

Biology is fascinating, this major allows students to study the building blocks of life and their coursework include classes in evolution, biochemistry, genetics, zoology, plant anatomy and microbiology. Many biology majors end up completing Ph.D. to become medical doctors, veterinarians, researchers, educators, and physician’s assistant

Starting salary -$37,500; Mid-Career-$68,700

most popular college majors in the United States

5. Teacher Education and Professional Development:

Major in Teacher Education and professional Development mostly concentrate on specific level like elementary, secondary, special education, or adult education. These students are trained to be teachers and take classes in child psychology and development, philosophy, or even in subjects they have interest in. Most of the major holders gain experience by working in a classroom.

Average Starting salary -$33,800

Salary Structure in united states

Salary Structure in united states

6. Criminal Justice and Corrections:

This major is an obvious choice of those students having interests in law and American justice system. This major is a gateway to careers like law enforcement agent, police officer, private detective, or even a stepping stone to law, criminal justice, psychology, or public administration.

 Average Starting salary -$35,300; Mid-Career-$59,200

7. Accounting:

Accountingis an excellentmajor for students having interests in maths and statistics. Gateway careers for the students opting accounting is as an accountant in a small or large business, or public institution. They can opt to be a private accountant also.

Average Starting salary -$44,500; Mid-Career-$75,100

8. Liberal Arts and Science, General Studies and Humanities:

A general liberal Arts and Science major holder student studies a variety of subjects like science political theory, arts, maths biology, environmental, communications, and more. Graduates will have to forge their own career paths, and they can end up in a variety of fields like, education, journalism, law and entrepreneurship.

Average Starting salary -$36,500; Mid-Career-$61,300

9. English language and literature:

English is considered to be an impractical major; however it still lands up into top majors. The study of English teaches one to be a great thinker, writer, and communicator. English major generally have a wide array of options like students can get into writing, education, marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Average Starting salary -$36,200; Mid-Career-$63,500

10. History:

History is anextensive major, but students can specialize in a specific era or location. This major click open many career options like; politics, law, teaching, communication, and marketing

Average Starting salary – $36,900; Mid-Career-$65,500



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