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Services Selection Board is a selection board that conducts Personality & Intelligence Interview which goes over 5-6 days. The SSB interview is meant to analyses each candidate’s potential and compatibility to join the Armed Forces of India. The following article explains various tips and tricks for SSB Interview.


The candidate should be well aware of the entire process of the SSB Interview, including each particular stage viz, screening test, SRT, WAT, Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test and Conference round. It is very important to have complete information about each level of the interview to be well prepared for it.

Tips and Tricks for SSB Interview.

SSB interview

The information mentioned in the PIQ form should be totally authentic and true. During the interview, unnecessary bragging about your skills should be avoided. Because fictional bragging is easily recognised by the experienced members of the Interview panel. It can direct elimination to the candidate.

Tips for SSB Interview

Having good oratory skills is very necessary to excel in the personal interview session and group discussion task. Impressive communication skills help you to commute your thoughts properly with the interviewers along with it being confident in your demeanour and gait is also a major tip for SSB Interview to be remembered.


It is quite a good possibility that the candidate may be asked questions regarding current affairs, population, language, governmental organisations, historical significance, notable personalities etc. of their native state/town. Hence having a good amount of information about your home state is useful.



Maintaining a good health, healthy eating habits, apt exercising schedule and a fit and fine physique will be a boon to the candidates in performing excellently in the ‘Obstacles round’. Performing well in the ‘Obstacles round’ will also enhance your overall scores.

These are five major SSB Interview Tips & Tricks that each and every candidate must follow to perform better.

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