Top Countries to Study Abroad and Settle For Indian Students

As students are becoming more and more aware about overseas education opportunities, the top countries to study abroad have also undergone changes over the period of time. Around ten years back, the list of top destinations to study abroad for the Indian students had only countries like the United Kingdom, the Unites States and Australia.

As per your interest select best country for study and career. But today, with the changing trend, the students are experimenting with new countries and courses to get a degree, successful career and better living standards.

Top Countries to Study Abroad and Settle:

But there is a pattern in choosing top counties for study purposes. Students who want to pursue Management and Business head towards the US, the students who prefer Arts and Social Science go for the UK. For Banking and Engineering purpose the most preferred country has always been Australia.

Top Countries to Study Abroad and Settle

Top Destinations to Study Abroad

 1.  United States:   With over 900,000 international students enrolled in various universities, the country is in fact, a dominant choice for students not just from India but also from other countries like China and South Korea. The US boasts of some of the highly ranked institutions in the world like Stanford, Princeton,Harvard, and MIT, to list a few. These are just part of the more tahn 4000 universities that attract international students from all over the world. For students choosing Engineering, business, and management the US has been a hotspot for education.

Top courses offered by the United States:  Business Management, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, and Physical and Life Science.

Top Study Program’s in Abroad  

2. United Kingdom:  The country boasts of having the oldest and best universities in the world such as Oxford and Cambridge and offers a range of courses, right from various undergraduate degrees to one-year post graduate degrees across domains like engineering and management. One of the major factors that draw students to study in the UK is its wide range of scholarships which provide partial to full study waiver to students.

Top courses offered by United Kingdom: Business management, Engineering, Social Science, Physical and Life Science, and Fine and Applied Arts.

Top Countries to Study Abroad and Settle

3.  Australia:  The Australian education system has earned good reputation globally and a number of Australian Universities feature in the top 100 in global university rankings. The country offers vocational training courses, English Language Training to University courses like business, finance and sports management at undergraduate levels and eligibility for permanent residency in Australia

Top coursesoffered by Australia: BusinessManagement, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Health Professions, and Social Sciences.

4. New Zealand: Another major emerging study abroad destination is, New Zealand. Around eight universities from New Zealand are listed in the top 500 universities in the world making it one of the top destinations to study abroad. Some of its popular universitiesare University of Auckland, Auckland Territorial University among others.

Top course offered by New Zealandare:  Business management, Engineering, Social Science, Physical and Life Science, and Maths and Computer abroad

5.  Canada: Canada is an emerging study abroad destination as the country has witnessed manifold increase in the number of international students in the recent years. The students flock to Canada for various courses such as Engineering, Business, Animation, Biotechnology and Hospitality. This is primarily due to the advantages that Canada offers to international students in terms of quality education, cost advantages along with a safe and multicultural environment.

Top course offered by Canada: Business Management, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Hotel Management, and Liberal Arts.

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